The Official “Chicago” Video

We shot this with director Vicente Cordero and his cinematographer brother Fernando of Industrialism Films in one day, in a warehouse in San Bernardino CA. The guys in the front office there were awesome, and the Corderos were a lot of fun to work with. So was the fog machine! Unfortunately our gorgeous model ate the rest of the chocolates in the heart-shaped box before we could get to them.  

In each of these projects, we try to do something different. This one has to be our coolest and edgiest video yet! And it's in rotation at all the Hard Rock Cafes - 140 of 'em in 60 countries! Btw - this is the video that held its own, this Spring, against some much bigger bands on's Battle Royale Top Ten Video Countdown - for TWO SOLID MONTHS!!! Please check it out, and give it a like! 


Sample Tracks From ‘Creatures’

Check out some tracks off our new album Creatures!

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Boomerocity Reviews ACIDIC’s ‘Creatures’

Acidic been labeled “the hardest-working, hottest young rock band in Southern California” and, judging by their new disc, “Creatures”, I can see why. Their new album, “Creatures”, is chock full of songs that are said to have been wowing crowds at such recent major events as the 2014 Vans Warped Tour as well as their […]

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Tour Dates

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