January 16, 2014

Traveling Minstrels Update I : Trapt tour is underway!


Okay, so we begin again! Happy New Year from Mission Control in L.A., as ACIDIC’s coast-to-coast tour with Trapt begins! Our valiant crew took off, about 4:30pm, heading due north. There are five of them, with Michael Gossard, Ted Dubrawski, and Matt Whitaker, plus a VERY excited Josh Bennett making his professional tour debut in the second guitarist/backup vocalist position. Our veteran tour manager, Andrew Untersee, once again, is shepherding the herd.

The Gray Whale (tour van) is detailed, winterized, diesel’d up, and stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey with blankets, sleeping bags, food, mittens, serious knit caps and other assorted cold weather wear, lots of vitamin C, equipment, and merch! They’ll have “Copper Man” CDs with them to sell on tour, and they’ll be showcasing a whole bunch of new songs from that new CD!

The first stop is Thursday night at El Corazon in Seattle, and it’s onward, and eastward, from there!

More when I get it…



Met the guys last night in Michigan… Wow …what an awesome down to earth and just all around cool group of folks…thanks so much for the stickers and gonna wear my concert Tee with pride.

Dave from Ontario Canada.


These guys are great . I got to see an amazing performance by them at the Brighton music hall in Boston yesterday(4/29). This was the first time I heard these sick mofos and believe me these guys rocked the shit out of us . SO FUCKING ENERGETIC. Please don’t forget us.

you’re new fan- Sandeep from Boston

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