February 12, 2014

Traveling Minstrels Update: Electric Cool-AID ACIDIC Tour Triumphs!


En route back home. It was a quick tour but a great one with TONS of driving and a lot of familiar faces. Thanks to all of you who showed up and we will be updating everyone with dates for our next tour in these next couple of weeks (so if we missed you this time around, you have a chance to see us next time)!

All in all, it’s been a GREAT ride, even if a short one! The weather this time wasn’t terribly bothersome either, mercifully speaking! The hand and foot warmers that everybody packed for the trip definitely came in handy, and the Super Bowl break at the Montana ranch owned by Tour Co-Manager Zane Taylor’s grandma wound up being in one of the prettiest places on earth. The only small headache was back at headquarters with the manager’s laptop that had to be taken to the computer hospital. Other than that, the reports along the way were GREAT! Better than we could have even hoped: raves like “Best Wednesday night in a year!” (Herman’s Hideaway in Denver), and “Best Monday night EVER!” (Machinery Row, Great Falls MT.) And we picked up an AWESOME load of new photographs from Erik Young at the Knitting Factory in Spokane, which can be savored in full – at our newly revamped website ACIDICband.com, and Erik’s photo album on ACIDIC’s Facebook page. Check ’em out!

The boys also squeezed in several radio interviews and one really cool ACIDIC Unplugged event at the Music Corner in Spokane – sort of an appetizer for the big Knitting Factory extravaganza later that evening:


Then, there was the double interview – TV as well as Radio in Great Falls…


The boys didn’t go on, Friday night at the Backstage Bar & Grill in Las Vegas, til 1am, but even so, friends and fans and family were on hand. Goss Boss reported there was a similar turnout at EVERY venue along the tour path! Every venue’s managers/promoters want ACIDIC back again. A couple of places saw 100 – 150 people through the door to see the band. The new songs went over tremendously well! Michael said he’s never seen reactions like that before. Their new heartbreaker ballad, “Miles from Home,” had girls crying, couples kissing, and lovers dancing and snuggling. The more high-intensity rockers had people literally jumping up and down! Michael added that it was a great thrill to see people respond so powerfully, especially during the more familiar songs, which the crowd would sing the lyrics back to him. And a big “Bravo!” to Dan Woodz, the PD at Great Falls’ Q106FM, who joined the band onstage Monday night and belted out a memorable rendition of the Beatles’ “Come Together.” You belt it well, Dan!

It’s pretty neat to be a headliner! Michael said he noticed everybody at these shows immediately crowded up to the front of the room, hugging the stage. And the marquees were something to savor, alright. For example:


The band tried an experiment with the Las Vegas show – a contest! The winner got free tickets and got special “hang with the band” privileges, Congrats Eric!


It wound up being such a bacchanal (not the famous one at Caesar’s Palace, but one of our own!) that the boys took Saturday off to decompress before Sunday’s drive home to L.A.

And now we build! There’ll be more touring plans later on – leading into one of the biggest summers ACIDIC will ever have had!

Stay tuned!

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