August 9, 2015

AXS Review: ACIDIC Releases ‘Creatures’

Acidic rocks. Plain and simple. Mind you, while their name might make you think they’re a heavy metal band, the truth is they lean more towards alternative.

Their new CD, Creatures, is said by some to be their best yet. For those not up on their indie artists, the band roster includes: Michael Gossard (lead vocals, guitar and electronics), Matt Whitaker (drums), Josh Bennett (lead guitar and vocals) and Max Myrick (bass and vocals).

Their 11-track album opens on “Chicago”. This is aggressive track is their first single. Listeners can dance to it, and it somehow sounds as if it was written on the road.
The second selection is “Beatness”. This one flows easily from the close of the previous piece. Both were co-written by Gossard and Myrick.

The title track, “Creatures” follows here. This is the first example of what Gossard can do as a solo songwriter and changes things up enough to keep listeners interested. It’s followed by another Gossard song, “Roll X”. This further establishes his capabilities to compose commercially viable cuts.

“Artists Under Siege (Are You Ready to Go)” is somehow an anthem for creative types and yet also a personal POV piece as well. It was written by Gossard and Myrick.

“Rad (Standing in the Rain)” demonstrates the band’s ability to crank out something that is both new and yet somehow familiar. Gossard has had a lot of practice writing songs like this.

“Temper” is the only example of what can happen when the whole band sits down to jam together. It was written by Gossard, Myrick Whitaker and Bennett. Despite the shared songwriting responsibilities, or perhaps because of them, the song works well on this playlist. The next number is “Pop 2”. This serves as yet another example of Gossard’s songwriting talents.

“Beautiful” is perhaps one of the best tracks on the platter. It’s radio ready and was written by Souderton singer-songwriter/producer Rob Bonfiglio (Wilson Phillips), who supplies guitar, bass, keys and backing vocals here. It’s a great song, and this is a great rendition to boot.

“My Town” follows. This and the next and last song were also written by Gossard. Here the band makes the ladies an offer they can’t refuse because after all, it is their town.

The closing cut is “Miles From Home”. Every band needs a tune like this. It’s a requirement. It originally was used to show that (when not drinking, drugging it up and doing groupies) the band had a more sensitive side. (That and it was good for a band to have a slow dance song, too.)

While social disease and the oncoming of the PC-era took all the fun out of rock ‘n’ roll, a ballad such as this remains a requirement nonetheless. Complete with guest artist Bruce Gossard on the keyboards, it is another song no doubt conceived on the road and offers a pretty, quiet close to the album.

Produced by John Ryan (Allman Brothers, Styx, Santana and Lynyrd Skynyrd), it is their third collaboration and a follow-up to 2013’s Copper Man. So check out Acidic’s Creatures. You just might think their music is “Beautiful”.

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