March 2, 2016


Hollywood, CA: When I first heard of ACIDIC, “Pure Energy” would be the first word to come to my mind to describe their brand of rock music. ACIDIC was playing here on the Sunset strip – Hollywood. So I headed down, curious to see this band in action for the first time before they embarked on another touring season.

By the time ACIDIC stormed the stage at the Viper Room on Friday, the sold-out crowd that packed this classic venue had been waiting nearly 30-minutes and was veritably seething with anticipation for the Los Angeles based 4 – piece band, which has stirred up quite a buzz with its high energy driven approach to rock/alternative music which didn’t disappoint.

Picture yourself driving down the 405 – freeway consuming mass quantities of Rock Star Energy Drinks with your hair on fire while riding in a shopping cart, YOU my friend have now experienced ACIDIC live in action.

Their music was distinctive and powerful. Playing tunes from their last album “Creatures”, which in my opinion never let up from beginning to end as ACIDIC’s command of the frenetic crowd never faltered.

I grabbed the guys from ACIDIC for a short interview in the parking lot of the Viper Room before they hit the stage and the guys did not disappoint. Although our exchanged was short, they did talk to me about another album and tour in the works for the 2016 year.

To see and hear all about what I’ve been talking about, please click on the video below.

Very special thank you to Mary Lyon – Manager

The Rad Man…..

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