July 2, 2016

Los Angeles Indie Rockers Bring ‘Creatures’ to Pinetop, AZ

There has been lots of excitement in the ACIDIC camp lately. The Los Angeles- based foursome —singer and guitarist Michael Gossard, drummer Matt Whitaker, bass man Max Myrick and guitarist Josh Bennett — have been drawing lots of accolades for their album “Creatures” that dropped early this year.

Now the band has received an incredible honor as they have been chosen to represent the United States as cultural ambassadors as part of the American Music Abroad Program. The band beat out more than 300 bands to land the gig and generally the bands in the program visit destinations in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Central and South America.

Music fans in Arizona will have a chance to see ACIDIC before they start globe-trotting; the band is set to play a headlining show at the White Mountain Independent Music Festival in Pinetop on July 2; the show will take place at the Lodge Sports Bar and Grill. Other bands appearing include First Decree, Reverse Order, Run 2 Cover and Pinetop-area acts Stray White Buffalo, Gorky, Planting Seeds, Triple Play and Roy & Roy.

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